Good Evening Readers,

I know you had a lot of blogs out there to choose from but I’m glad you’ve chosen mine. What drew you in? Was it the name? You probably want me to explain the name to you right? I’d love to.

My whole life I’ve wanted to have a body to be proud of. I’m not looking for a raging six pack or anything. Just abs that I can feel, perhaps a one or two that are visible. That’s my goal and seeing how I work at a gym there should be no reason I can’t meet that goal. I plan to blog about my journey to get there.

Now, for being my first blog I didn’t want it to be completely selfish. So I decided to also give advice to any of my readers…about anything they want. I must warn you, my advice will be honest and sometimes hard. It is recommended to remove your sensitive shoes before curling up to read the advice I give. Since I don’t have any advice inquires yet, I will give you an ABS update.

Day 1:

Diet- Unchanged

Fitness- Increase to 4 days a week workout. Working a Personal Trainer developed plan.

Progress- None

Picture- You wish.

Need advice? Comment on this post or write into